Sunday, March 4th 1:00-3:00

  • An enriching experience that can enhance any aspect of your life.
  • Using a combination of exercises fit for all levels and abilities.
  • Exercises include resistance, flexibility, personal development and FUN!
  • We combine movement, awareness and connection with music for a unique experience.
  • Become open to new possibilities; watch your ability to connect with others grows right before your eyes.

Feel the vibe of this Workshop

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“My goal for this workshop is for everyone to have fun. Beyond that I designed the theme in order to help people connect more easily with others; to bring to light the possibilities for connection. It’s about practicing being conscious in each moment so connection becomes available. And with my background teaching Gyrotonic and Gyrokenisis Exercise and Yoga, it made sense for me to use movement as the method for connection.”

“get conscious…..get fit” – Daryl Slattery

At Yoga Community in Sonoma
Pre-registration required at

COST: $55
Regularly priced at $75