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Daryl Slattery

Founder & Facilitator

After 20 years of working in a business world, sitting at a computer all day lacking quality time with myself and the people closest to me, I made a conscious decision to transform myself and therefore the world around me.

Taking from all my experiences, trainings, books, certifications, and seminar work that filled up my spare time from 18 years of age right on up to 50 I created a new life for myself, a new career, basically a new me.  I am a native New Yorker who thrives on personal growth, relationships, and fun. I hold certifications in Gyrotonic Exercise, Gyrokenisis Exercise, Yoga, Reflexology, and Raindrop Therapy. I also studied with the Anthony Robbins Group in Leadership Academy, Business Mastery, and Master University.  In addition to these training I also attended Landmark Educational Programs including The Forum, The Advanced Course, and both Communication courses.  I love relaxation and all my outdoor hobbies, but mostly I love working with people, teaching, and expanding my world through my relationship with myself and others. Now after so many years cooped up in an office I spend most of my time moving my body, moving energy, practicing Breath work and designing classes and workshops.

I am experiencing for the first time in my life the feeling of joy that comes from having a career that is simply doing what I love most; Exercising while connecting with myself and others.

Isabella Cannizzaro


I love to teach and I love using movement as a way of creating connection. In addition to assisting with the Conscious Connecting Workshops I hold a certification in Forrest Yoga. I have completed the Mentorship Program and the Advanced Forrest Yoga Training and the certification for SkyBody Aerial Yoga.

Daryl's Workshop is a natural fit for me and I was involved since its creation n 2013. I was teaching a class at Daryl's place, The Studio at reNEW, and it was through that union I began working with Daryl as she developed Conscious Connecting Workshops. A large part of celebrating life is appreciating our physical body, and what works for me is using Breath, Movement, and Music together; and this is exactly why I was drawn to the work Daryl is doing.

Robin Kalmanson


With over a decade of yoga practice I view yoga as a journey of understanding the relationship to one’s self and all aspects of life much including our connection with other people. I hold a Masters degree in education and taught in several schools for over 30 years in the New York area. Years of teaching have instilled the importance of connecting. I believe that yoga and the work Daryl is doing really allows people to tap into a stronger, more confident, and conscious way of being.

It was in 2014 I was introduced to Gyrotonic and Gyrokenisis Exercise with Daryl Slattery and through that Union I began learning and training to teach the Conscious Connecting Workshops.

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Nicole Henri


I am a teacher, educator, and mind body practitioner teaching yoga and its various forms to adults and children for fifteen years. In my private practice I work with individuals and groups in Intuitive Bodywork and Breath work. Most recently I completed the Naam and Shakti Yoga Certification.

I also hold a certification under Radiant Child Yoga and completed the 9 Month Rebirthers program as taught through the Kriya Yoga lineage of Shri Haidakhan Babaji Kriya Yoga. I love to soak in esoteric knowledge and then inspire others with a sense of reverence for the mysticism, healing arts and yogic practices. Yoga is a union to oneself and others.  Its a consciousness that is practiced and evolves.  I attended a Conscious Connecting Workshop in the spring of 2015 and knew immediately it was a workshop I wanted to be a part of and teach.

Conscious Connecting Workshops, for me, is an innovative way to introduce the mind and body to comfort and confidence through true connection with others. As you are guided through this class you will experience an unfolding, opening the mind, feeling more joy of heart, and feeling alive and full of good energy.